ASEAN-Australia Special Summit Initiatives

ASEAN-Australia Special Summit Initiatives


  • ASEAN-Australia Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Co-operation to counter International Terrorism, and supporting initiatives gives effect to the ASEAN-Australia Joint Declaration for Cooperation to Combat International Terrorism.
  • A package of counter-terrorism initiatives intended to strengthen regional efforts to counter terrorist activity, assets and funding. This includes technical and regulatory assistance to develop best practice counter-terrorism legislation, and regional dialogues and workshops on topics such as electronic evidence, financial intelligence, and countering online radicalisation.

 Security Cooperation

  • The ASEAN-Australia Maritime Cooperation package of initiatives to strengthen the protection of regional fish stocks, civil maritime and border protection, maritime domain awareness, and maritime law and its applications.
  • An ASEAN-Australia Cyber Cooperation will improve joint efforts to harness the opportunities that cyberspace enables, promote peace and stability in cyberspace, and guard against growing threats online.
  • The ASEAN-Australia Postgraduate Defence Scholarships will bring together emerging defence and security leaders from ASEAN countries and Australia; creating an alumni and fostering future cooperation on regional security challenges.
  • ASEAN-Australia Counter-Trafficking will strengthen criminal justice responses and victim rights protection in ASEAN and support the region’s agenda to stamp out trafficking in persons.
  • An ASEAN-Australia Women, Peace and Security dialogue will strengthen cooperation in the areas of peacekeeping, protection of human rights and promotion of gender equality in contributing to stability, peace and security.
  • The Health Security ASEAN Fellows will increase capacity in the region by fostering professional development of field epidemiologists to address disease outbreaks across the region creating opportunities to build links between our communities so that our region is equipped with a health workforce well placed to prevent and respond to infectious diseases.


  • ASEAN-Australia Digital Standards aims to build regional regulatory consistency in a context of rapid technological change. It provides a framework for Australia and ASEAN countries to cooperate in developing, adopting and using international standards that promotes digital trade and support inclusive economic growth in the region.
  • ASEAN-Australia Smart Cities provides education, training, technical assistance and support for innovation. It draws on Australia’s world-class expertise in green infrastructure, water governance, renewable energy, innovative technologies, data analytics and transportation.
  • Regional Economic Policy Cooperation supports a closer and more economically integrated region, through a series of workshops on critical economic issues and policy areas relevant to Australia and ASEAN countries.
  • ASEAN Linkage to the Global Infrastructure Hub provides ASEAN counties access to the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) and delivers collaboration initiatives for infrastructure practitioners and investors to increase the flow and quality of private and public infrastructure investments.
  • The ASEAN-Australia Infrastructure Cooperation project aims to establish a rolling priority pipeline of potential ASEAN regional infrastructure projects and identify sources of funding. This is an Australian project with the World Bank, under the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025.

Education Cooperation

  • Australia Awards ASEAN scholarships delivers masters-level degrees to 50 candidates from ASEAN countries in 2019. Study will build skills of the next generation of leaders to contribute to the security and prosperity of the region while enhancing cooperation and partnership between Australia and ASEAN.
  • The New Colombo Plan ASEAN Fellow continues the development of knowledge of the ASEAN. Each year, a New Colombo Plan ASEAN Fellow will study and undertake an internship in an ASEAN country on topics aligned with ASEAN priorities.
  • The ASEAN-Australia Infrastructure Skills Dialogue brings together ASEAN and Australian industry, government and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) representatives to discuss skills challenges facing the region and best practice in engaging industry in skills development.


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