Combating terrorism and violent extremism

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 18:00

At the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, Australia and ASEAN have made an historic agreement to enhance regional security, with the joint signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation to Counter International Terrorism.


The Prime Minister and ASEAN Leaders witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation to Counter International Terrorism, an historic agreement between Australia and ASEAN.  The MoU strengthens our cooperation to combat terrorism, counter terrorism financing and counter violent extremism.  It intensifies Australia’s annual engagement with ASEAN and enshrines practical measures to deepen dialogue across governments and security and law enforcement institutions.


The MoU is supported by a suite of programs, including technical and regulatory assistance to develop best practice counter-terrorism legislation, and regional dialogues and workshops on topics such as electronic evidence, financial intelligence, and countering online radicalisation.

The joint initiatives, in support of the MOU are

  • Australia to provide technical assistance to ASEAN partners to develop and implement CT legislation in line with international standards and best practice;
  • the establishment of a series of regional dialogues and forums with ASEAN and Australian law enforcement partners, aimed at combatting the threat of ISIL-affiliated terrorists;
  • Australia to provide a capacity-building program to ASEAN law enforcement partners on technology enabled crime to assist in detecting and disrupting terrorist activity;
  • an ASEAN-Australia workshop on using electronic evidence in terrorism related prosecutions;
  • an ASEAN-Australia counter-terrorism and foreign fighter workshop for border security officials;
  • a range of ASEAN-Australia financial intelligence analyst courses to facilitate more integrated multilateral intelligence exchanges and operational collaboration to counter terrorism financing;
  • the establishment of a series of ASEAN-Australia multilateral analyst exchange programs for financial intelligence analysts;
  • the AUSTRAC Codeathon held as part of ASEAN-Australia Week;
  • the DIGI Engage Forum ASEAN-Australia Week held as part of ASEAN-Australia Week; and
  • recent meetings of the Southeast Asia Network of Civil Society Organisations held as part of ASEAN-Australia Week.

Please read the joint media release by the Prime Minister, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Home Affairs and  Factsheet - Combating terrorism and violent extremism.

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