Fact sheet - Combating terrorism and violent extremism

Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 17:45

Australia is working closely with ASEAN countries on practical ways to make our region more secure.

The continuing threat to the region of terrorism and violent extremism will require concerted and determined cooperation.

The ASEAN-Australia Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation to Counter International Terrorism brings ASEAN and Australia closer together to deal with the threat of violent extremism in all its forms across our region. In addition to intensifying our annual engagement on counter-terrorism and transnational crime, it enshrines practical measures that strengthen and deepen dialogue on countering terrorism across our governments, and security and law enforcement institutions. The MoU is supported by a suite of programs that will be delivered across our region to counter terrorism and violent extremism.

It is intended to strengthen regional efforts to counter terrorist activity, assets and funding. These measures will further strengthen shared, regional responses to threats to our stability, safety and security and they include:

• technical assistance to develop and implement counter-terrorism legislation consistent with international standards and best practice

• a series of regional dialogues and forums with ASEAN and Australian law enforcement partners, aimed at combating the threat of ISIL-affiliated terrorists

• training and education for law enforcement partners on technology-enabled crime in detecting and disrupting terrorist activity

• an ASEAN-Australia electronic evidence workshop for investigations and prosecutions personnel, focusing on the use of internet based material in evidence in terrorism related prosecutions

• a counter-terrorism and foreign fighter workshop for ASEAN border security officials

• a range of courses and programs for financial intelligence analysts throughout Australia and ASEAN.

Joint activities leading up to the ASEAN-Australia Special Summit 2018 have already supported increased ASEAN-Australia counter-terrorism collaboration:

The ASEAN-Australia Codeathon held on 15 March 2018 brought young people together with Australia and ASEAN financial intelligence units, banks, developers and other partners to collaborate on innovative ways to counter terrorism financing and enhance cyber security.

The Digital Industry Group Incorporated (DIGI) Forum held on 15 March 2018 brought young people from across Australia and ASEAN members together to give them the tools and platforms to counter online radicalisation.

The Southeast Asia Network of Civil Society Organisations (SEAN-CSO), led by Deakin University, met on 13 March to support SEAN-CSO’s expansion to include all ASEAN countries, reinforcing social and community efforts against violent extremism across the region.